• Easy-to-use Interface.
  • For Film or Digital Cameras 
  • Can use desktop scanners or photogrammetric quality scanners. 
  • Allows easy entry of control points. 
  • Can be used with or without camera calibration. 
  • Orthophotos can be created from a single aerial image or a block of images. 
  • Automatic color and tone balance for creating mosaics. 
  • Built-in bundle adjustment algorithms. 
  • Semi-automated Aerial triangulation. 
  • Easy-to-update existing orthophotos from new imagery. 
  • Flicker/swipe display for change detection and quality control. 
  • Coordinate transformations between projections and datums. 
  • Create DEMs from Text or DXF format. 
  • Can create mosaics either automatically or manually. 




Above is a 25 photo mosaic and below is a 6 image mosaic.

6-photo orthophoto mosaic in Glacier National Park, Montana  

6-photo orthophoto mosaic in Glacier National Park, Montana 

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